French Tutoring

French Immersion, Extended French

Grades 3-12

Our lessons feature original, interesting learning activities that help your child feel more confident when speaking or writing in French. Our emphasis on French culture will bring your child to love learning French!

We will provide help doing homework, completing assignments and preparing for tests. As a result, you child will improve in self-confidence at school and get higher grades in their French Immersion or Extended French.

We can assist your child with all other school subjects taught in French or English, such as math, social studies or science.


We offer great flexibility in scheduling.

Tutoring sessions are one hour in length and can be held once or twice a week.

Private lessons (1:1) Semi-private lessons (2:1) Group classes (8 – 12 students)
Tutoring in French
$35 ̷ hr $20 / hr
per child
N ̷ A

Classes will be scheduled according to demand and availability of instructors.

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