About Us

The French Study Tutoring & Education House is located in historic Milton, Ontario at 24 Martin Street. We look forward to returning to our warm and inspiring location for in-person tutoring soon.

Meet Our Educators

Charles Gibbs

Charles Gibbs, Founder of The French Study, is an OCT-qualified and experienced French Immersion teacher. Charles studied French at the Université de Pau in France and worked in Quebec for 14 years before settling in the Milton area. He holds a Diploma in Education from McGill University and a Masters in Applied Linguistics from Concordia University in Montreal. He is also the author of published learning materials in English and French.

Carolyn White

Carolyn White received her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in French Studies and Psychology from York University in 2017. She has been tutoring for 6 years. She has spent 4 years working in bilingual roles in the provincial government and York University. Carolyn will be pursuing her Master of Arts in Child Study and Education in September 2021 at the University of Toronto with a goal of becoming a French immersion teacher-researcher. 

Teresa Diep

Teresa Diep received her bilingual Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Language studies in English and French at Glendon College, York University in 2010. Since then, she has taught in France, Spain, China and England. She speaks French, English, Spanish, Chinese-Mandarin and Cantonese, some Italian and is learning German. She can also communicate in Sign Language. Knowing all these languages and understanding the cultures allows her to teach students in an effective way to overcome any language struggles. She has been tutoring for over 10 years. Teresa works at the HDSB as a French teacher to spread her language expertise while students are learning in a fun and engaging way!